Research & Development

“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein

Research & Development

With our facilities, we investigate innovative farming systems. This way, we try to understand new techniques and search for sustainable social and economic applications.


The earth naturally has many types of food. With the rise of machines, the food has changed 360 degrees. Food is manipulated to the wishes of the people but is this desire socially acceptable? Due to the human intervention, the food chain is under pressure.

We reconstruct and study the farming systems with the aim of understanding the technology behind it, and thus making better choices. We do this by investigating the limits. In order to achieve powerful results, we have to continue to challenge and inspire each other. In our research center, we search for the questions that are really relevant. These questions will differ from the traditional thoughts of the past. New initiatives will emerge. We are at the beginning of a new quest.


The questions we ask at Botanica Innovare are:

  • How can we provide healthy, safe and sustainable food for the society?
  • How can we return to the basic needs to grow crops?