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“Innovation in plant science” - Botanica Innovare

Our Goal?

At Botanica Innovare, we want to make a contribution to new innovations in the agrifood sector by understanding, promoting, connecting and applying this. This is meant for both the health of man as that of the earth.

Key points

Botanica Innovare is a company with a heart for health, sustainability, cooperation, ambition and innovation.
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Our passion arises from the following question: How can we feed 9 billion people in 2050? It is a question that has to be answered in the upcoming years. Botanica Innovare wants to contribute to the solution of this issue.

Our passion is listed as:
+ Create awareness on the themes about health, sustainability and the environment;
+ Reduce food miles significantly;
+ Provide consumers, now and in the future, with healthy, safe and sustainable food in a responsible way!


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Botanica Innovare wants to become the Dutch Educational Center for Agricultural Knowledge and Vertical Farming. We strive to provide cities with fresh food in a responsible way! We want to give each and every family the opportunity to have access to healthy, safe and sustainable food. Welcome to the future we are creating. Will you help us realize this?

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Worries are for tomorrow! Botanica Innovare does this by creating awareness about the human health and that of the Earth. Furthermore, we want to significantly reduce the food miles of crops. We want to make this possible by doing this in a responsible way by growing crops vertically in closed capacities and where no pesticides are used!

We make this possible by:
+ Developing the vertical growing system so that cities, now and in the future, will be provided with healthy, safe and sustainable food;
+ Launching a knowledge center where knowledge is shared on the vertical growing system;
+ Offering active workshops to primary and secondary educational schools in which topics are discussed, such as health and environmental sustainability;
+ Encouraging healthier eating habits which are useful for everyone;
+ Creating an intensive cooperation between education, government and businesses.


Are you looking for an inspirational speaker for presentations, lectures or workshops? Depending on one's own desires, Michelle Jongen, founder of Botanica Innovare, adapts her story to suit the target audience and available speaking time. If you are interested or want more information, please contact us.
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